How to Find the Hash Rate of a GPU for Mining Ethereum on Windows

I have a laptop with the GeForce GTX 980M on it. I want to find out what my hash rate is to see what my profits could be from mining Ethereum over the Windows platform. Here’s how to do this:

  • Download the latest release of ethminer. Make sure to download theĀ Latest release and not theĀ Pre-release. Unzip it somewhere.
  • Open the command prompt to where you downloaded and unzipped ethminer. Run the ethminer -U -M command:
 C:\Downloads\ethminer-0.11.0-Windows>ethminer -U -M
 Using grid size 8192, block size 128
 Benchmarking on platform: CUDA
 Preparing DAG for block #0
 Warming up...
 i 13:04:52|cudaminer0 set work; seed: #00000000, target: #000000000000
 i 13:04:52|cudaminer0 Initialising miner...
 Using device: GeForce GTX 980M (Compute 5.2)
 Generating DAG for GPU #0
 CUDA#0: 0%
 CUDA#0: 6%
 CUDA#0: 13%
 CUDA#0: 19%
 CUDA#0: 25%
 CUDA#0: 31%
 CUDA#0: 38%
 CUDA#0: 44%
 CUDA#0: 50%
 CUDA#0: 56%
 CUDA#0: 63%
 CUDA#0: 69%
 CUDA#0: 75%
 CUDA#0: 81%
 CUDA#0: 88%
 CUDA#0: 94%
 Trial 1... 13277536
 Trial 2... 12578719
 Trial 3... 13273113
 Trial 4... 12570341
 Trial 5... 13277536
 min/mean/max: 12570341/12995449/13277536 H/s
 inner mean: 13043122 H/s
  • The inner mean is your hash rate. I’m sitting at about 13043122 H/s, which according to some online mining profitability calculator, could earn me about $30.45 / month if I don’t have to pay for electricity.


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